Oonik’uuwo (1)

The fourth planet from Sephiroth B, this warm O-Class world also supports life including the intelligent Eeruu.

The most earthlike ocean world in the Sephiroth System, the planet has a diameter of 27909.3 km giving it a gravity of 1.8 G. Its semimajor axis is 1.1 AU giving it a year length of 1.3 years. It has a very short rotation period of 11 hours and 26 minutes. It has an atmospheric pressure of 9.6 and a mean temperature of 30.8 °C. It has twelve moons, ten of which are captured asteroids.

Being much warmer than its counterparts Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Oonik’uuwo has no ice islands to speak of, just a planetwide ocean and a reservoir of life. Life on this world thrives better than on the other two worlds thanks to the warmer temperatures and the general conditions of the planet. The planet has a rocky ocean floor, only a few meters from the surface of the ocean in a few places.


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