Opali (or RS 1190-59-7-318044-146 in is a yellow dwarf located in the Triangulum galaxy which was discovered in 9971.

The star

Opali is a yellow dwarf star with an age of around 8.46 billion years and a temperature of 5137°C. It is being orbited by 9 planets, one of them is Angriel.

List of planets

-Vot (Hot Class-S)

-Segion (Hot Class-D)

-Istash (Warm Class-J)

-Angriel (Temperate Class-E)

-Murota (Cold Class-J)

-Acino (Cold Class-I)

-Chivost (Cold Class-I)

-Ondoli (Frozen Class-T)

-Antio (Frozen Class-I)

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