Reptillian-Humanoid inhabitants of Rocia.


Orcians appear humanoid with a reptillian appearance. On average, they will live to an age of 250 years old and produce a maximum 12 offspring throughout their entire life. They have two arms and legs, each with five digits. They grow to 1.7 metres tall.

With advances in technology, Orcians are practically immortal, if one chooses.

As of 10,000 CE, the Orcians are a late-Type IV and on the verge of becoming a Type V civilisation.


First appearing on Rocia about 130,000 years ago, they began the planet's sentience revolution. They soon discovered the Trula who soon became a slave race for the Orcians for the next 40,000 years but became freed after the Trula rebelled and destroyed the Orcian's ancient temples. Since they rebelled, the Trula have been left alone to build up their own society but soon became extinct from a pandemic.

The resources mined and collected by the Trula were used by the Orcian's to build new temples for a growing population. During this time, a sudden change in the climate of the planet occured which resulted in a short famine which slowly decreased the population and the eruption of a volcano in 316 CE, similar to Tambora on Earth, had resulted in even more deaths.

Among the technological advance, the Orcians had suffered a major blow to their infant civilisation. In 891 CE, the planet was hit by a 90 metre asteroid that destroyed three large cities. The repair cost ranged in the trillions, to help re-build three cities. In the following decade, up to 901 CE, the planet fell into a winter, resulting in the greatest catastrophe modern Orcians had experienced.

Over the next few hundred years, technology reaches a state where manned interplanetary travel was possible. They ventured from their small, fragile planet and colonised their entire star system. They soon invented an FTL drive allowing them to travel interstellar distances and begin colonising nearby star systems; within a millenia, almost the entire galaxy, with advanced FTL drives, has been visited by unmanned probes.

As of present day, the Orcians have mastered the technology to travel between galaxies, which catastrophically resulted in the first intergalactic war, a conflict between two or more galaxies. In this case, the Amatrian-Artria War began in 9982 and lasted until 9993, a total of eleven years of conflict.

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