Orequanna is a cool E-Class world in the Kaltashka Galaxy. It is the capital of the United Systems of Kaltashka (a small nation that consists of most of Kaltashka's core). Orequanna is about four times as massive as Earth but has a diameter of one and a half Earths. This gives it its (to humans, at least) high gravity of 2G. Due to the abundance of valuable resources in the rings, Orequanna's industry is mainly focused on high-end spacecraft, automobiles and atmospheric shuttles.


Orequanna formed around 4.6 billion years ago, making it about the same age as Earth or Calesius. Life arose around 4.3 billion years ago in both the oceans and on the ancient landmasses. All life on land has been traced to a single-celled organism called Orequus Protokalta, while almost all life in the oceans has been proven to come from a different unicellular species known as Aquarius Orequus Protokalta.

Approximately 3.2 billion years ago, the first multicellular creatures evolved on Orequanna. Just before this, a mass extinction event had occurred that almost wiped out all life on Orequanna. This is known by the Auchanemo as the Jatkamocran Curinat Ochproaj (a colloquial expression that loosely translates to "Near-Miss") and was responsible for wiping out 98.2% of all the various species that lived on the planet. It is thought that a protoplanet - about the size of the Moon - was ejected from its regular orbit by a nearby gas giant. On its way into the inner-system, it scored a glancing blow against another dwarf world. This meant the diameter of the object (commonly referred to as Laheko) was halved, along with a decrease in speed. This put the moon on a trajectory that lead to a collision with Orequanna, which in turn lead to the extinction of many unicellular organisms on the planet. Oddly enough, both Orequus P. species survived this event, even though many of the newer and tougher organisms did not. Studies are currently being conducted to determine whether the first species on Orequanna were actually the only survivors of a previous mass-extinction event and thus were able to survive the Jatkamocran Curinat Ochproaj (JCO). These studies show that such an event could have feasibly occurred, with nature eroding the evidence away by the time the Auchanemo first arose.

Around 400,000 years ago, the first Auchanemo appeared. This makes them about as old as modern humans. Current simulations suggest they likely weren't all that different to their modern counterparts (largely due to the fact that the planet's climate has been stable for more than a million years). They mainly lived on the continent of Ztaok, which still exists today.

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