Oricon (RS 1186-3165-8-4042870-1098 in is a D6V white dwarf star in the mid sectors of the Andromeda Galaxy. It has a brown dwarf companion, called Xol, along with 9 planets. It left the red giant stage around 1-2 billion years ago, remaining just the outermost planets. Oricon has powerful gravity that has slight but still visible light-curving capabilities.

Oricon's planetary system starts with an unnamed, habitable, T-Class planet that hosts and early Type 1 civilization.


  • Euokke: A cold T-Class planet with a Type 1 civilization and rings. It has 3 moons.
    • Naos: A D-Class moon, 1/5 the size of its parent, that is heated by tidal effects.
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