The Orion War was a poorly-planned military conflict, within the Milky Way from 9010 CE to 9078 CE. Being the largest conflict at the time, the Galactic War was a true loss for every member. However, the Giokans had lost the most, after losing their nation and succumbing to the mighty Confederate fleets.


Beginning in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, the conflict was largely fought there for a few decades. The Giokans, angered by the sheer superiority of the Confederacy, amassed their mighty military, and decided to use their craft technology to their advantage. Soon enough, hordes of Giokian ships attacked several undefended Confederacy worlds, including New Alexandria. The damage was untold, and the brave Giokan forces marched through the galaxy, creating a corridor that would lead towards the center of the Confederacy. Fearing an attack on Earth and nearby core planets, the Confederacy focused their industrial and military efforts on the Giokans.

Trillions of citizens evacuated to nearby protected systems to wait until the war was over. Eventually, other member-nations of the Confederacy rallied to the FUSS' support, bringing the other Milky Way-based governments into the war.

The FUSS, and to some extent the entire Confederacy underwent an age of political uncertainty due to the war. The threat of the Giokans gave a political party the majority of votes in an election, which the party then formed a wartime government. This started a domino effect that saw many wartime leaders elected across the Milky Way. Despite this, there was a growing pacifist movement which called to end the war through diplomacy. 

After decades of fighting in the Orion Arm, the Confederacy reclaimed their old colonies. The Giokans were retreating towards their home world, until the Confederacy halted the war effort and initiated peace talks. Hesitant at first, the Giokans were skeptical and believed the Confederacy were using the talks as a distraction. They were proved wrong, and they engaged in peace talks after their forces were crippled. The war officially ended in 9078. 

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