Orithyian Triple Alliance is the dominant force in Orithyia galaxy.


Belletanians,Thurgockars,and Pavonirs were in constant war-times before 3456 AD for the hegemony of Hemithea System and other various systems in their galaxy. In 3456 a race of sentient hostiles robots named as Noks have invaded some of their colonies. The Noks depised all carbon-based life and wanted to commit genocide against these races. This lead to cooperation between the former enemies, they formed an alliance named Hemithean Triple Alliance just no long after Noks invasion. The robotic foes were definitely driven out of Hemithean Triple Alliance space in 3587 AD, but alliance between the three species wasn't dissolved but extended to races at the relative technology level as them, now the alliance has changed its name to Orithyian Triple Alliance. Many less advanced species were incorporated in the federation to secure their existence. The last Nok world have fallen in 4029 AD. Humans have come in contact with this civilization in 4321 after noticing radio signals from Orithyia set as a trap by now extinct Noks.


The three main races use Essaites, space-dwelling life-forms with a natural ability for faster than light travel, as ships. Their computer are steam powered. Advanced robotics is banned in the Orithyian Triple Alliance for fear of a new emerging syntectic thread.


Belletanians are an hairless humanoid alien species with long tails and four pairs of eyes. Their heights is in 5-7 meters range. They can survived long periods of time without water, but a partial atmospheric pressures of oxygen higher than 0.15 atm are toxic for them. Belletanians lives in larger tribal societies on their worlds.


Thurgockars resembles large fur-covered marsupial rats with slender four feet and four hands. Their two eyes are composites of smaller four eyes. Thurgockars are more oxygen intollerant than Belletanians, a partial pressure of 0.08 atm can easily kill them. The are very religious and belong to various native sects. Belletanians gave them the name Arsientoluai, the people of thousand creeds.


Pavonirs are a bird-like alien species with four large eyes, four wings and one set of claws. White feathers covers most of their bodies. Like Belletanians they can survived long periods of time without water and a partial atmospheric pressures of oxygen higher than 0.105 can kill them. Pavonirs live in familial groups in underground nests.

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