Orochi is a planet located in Mayall's Object and the planet-capital of the Temple of Amaterasu. The largest city covers every square inch of a small continent the size of Madagascar that had very little biodiversity, and is often called 'Neo-Tokyo' for obvious reasons. On the island, there was only one species of tree, one species of insect, one species of amphibian, one species of reptile, one species of mammal, and one species of bird. As the city was built to cover the island, the animal life on the island was domesticated, and the trees became houseplants practically everyone in the city owns. Every city on Orochi is connected by a massive underground railway network, with tunnels built under the ocean floor as to not let both trains, tunnels, and subway tubes be destroyed by the predators that inhabit the planet's oceans.

Native life


Island Oak

Originally only existing on the island where Neo-Tokyo now stands, this plant resembles a palm tree, but with fronds as long as a bus that resemble oak leaves. A popular house plant due to the pleasant scent the tree emits from its leaves, it is commonly cultivated all over the Temple of Amaterasu and beyond.


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