The Orukyten are the native inhabitants of Riranuer.

Physical Description

The Orukyten are a plant based species with a radial symmetry. Standing on three to six “legs” depending on genetics, the species looks like walking bulbous trees with a multitude of branches that are used much like human hands, with sturdy legs that resemble large thick roots. They have are large green mossy spheres with something akin to eyes that poke out of their heads using small stalks. The eyes are capable of moving around and perceive their environment.

They are capable of camouflaging themselves with their surroundings which nearly led to their destruction as the first humans to find this planet nearly settled it.

They communicate through something similar to mouths on their faces, and despite how many limbs they have there are always three mouths on each Orukyten. They receive nourishment from their sun and nutrients from the soil. When feeding the bury their legs in the usually moist ground and suck what nutrition they can out of the ground and from their sun.

The lifespan of the Orukyten is around 120 standard years. They reproduce in an unusual way. The males release pollen that the females catch in their branches and after about one month they plant the resulting seeds in large fertile fields. After a local year the seedlings are mature enough to begin to take their first steps. The planet is littered with former seedling forests that have been left to recover and used again. It was originally thought that the seedling forests were evidence of early farming.


The Orukyten are vastly nomadic and have a Neolithic type society. While most Orukyten move around to find fertile areas and live off the land most of the time then move on to let the land recover, there are a few small societies near a large equatorial asteroid strike and a smaller asteroid strike, both of which are now deep freshwater seas that have begun experimenting with rudimentary farming. The lands around both seas are unusually fertile and it is predicted that the first large civilizations will arise there.

The society at large is a patriarchal society with the male with the most limbs taking the lead in various nomadic clans as that is a sign to the rest that he is more capable than most because he can perform more tasks.

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