Oruta (also known as Sky Jewel, or Emeril) is a low-mid class Ice Giant located within the Terminus System. Oruta was first discovered by nomadic space travelers who looked for a place to stay. They ended up staying on Zephyrus, and there is a statue dedicated to them on Opal City.

Due to Oruta's proximity to Terminus, all engineers are instructed to keep sky cities between 17 and 29 degrees via large vents, or another method, like dimensional vacuum cleaning. If a failure of this cooling system occurs, instant heating devices turn on automatically. Reconstruction of the coolant systems take roughly 2 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the condition and size of the sky city, as well as resources near the sky city.

Looking outward, You would see that Oruta contains 3 major moons. Every moon orbiting Oruta contains a thick atmosphere, and mean temperatures reaching towards degrees. Any inhabitants of these moons either live underground, or in the sky to avoid the storms, and boiling heat on the surface. The hottest of these moons is Totec. Even though Totec has a meager 8 degree greenhouse effect, it still contains temperatures of up to 364 degrees. This is most likely caused by tidal heating.

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