Os Templários was a drug gang in the CoB from 119907-125207 and were responsible for the creation of The Templars.


The gang was founded by the politician Mateus Silva and chemist Luciano Ramires on the Portuguese speaking planet which was then called Teojia.

Ramires discovered LSDa, a variant on the once prevalent drug LSD, and immediately made a deal with Silva. Silva was the governor of the planet at the time. He was able to hide the existence of the drug for hundreds of years.

Gang Activity

The gang had logged activity as early as 119945 when millions of metric tons of the drug were dumped into the water supply of Teojia. The drugs were only in the water for a while, but this resulted in trillions immediately becoming addicted. The gang made quadrillions of c-units within a month after this event.

The gang members realized they didn't have a name so they tried to come up with names. They were almost called Os Hospitalários but changed to Os Templários, because that sounded more intimidating. They named themselves after a knightly order on Earth which existed during the crusades.

In the same year, the gang used all of the money they had to influence elections and only put politicians who were sympathetic to their cause be elected. Keep in mind the gang only was some friends and family of Ramires and Silva at the time (about 50).

Mass Indoctrination

The gang grew to become the largest employer on Teojia, and had an income which put them at number 1000 on the list of top companies. The gang began a propaganda campaign which targeted schools and colleges to brainwash those that managed not to become addicted. They used this control to dissolve the government and instate their gang as the sovereign force over Teojia and its moons.

They had so much control over Teojia they renamed it to Templaria.

Later on, the gang began to expand and grow throughout many other systems and planets. At their height in 124997, they controlled thousands of systems in the Milky Way and had a tremendous influence in the politics of the Confederacy. Due to the large size of their controlled area, they needed a way to defend it, so they created the Templars, a robot with a similar appearance to a suit of armor, to use as enforcers, security, infantry, and assassins.

The gang built trillions of Templars, and they became 90% of the personnel in the gang. However, they were not paid at all and were viewed as expendable. They revolted in 125207 and killed every single member of the gang. They burned all of the LSDa and destroyed the production facilities. To this day the chemical formula for LSDa is lost because of this.

The Templars named their new nation Templaria after their homeworld and also named their capital planet New Templaria.

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