Otehirs (1)

Homeworld of the now extinct Hastir and of the Tadian.


Located in the Drake Galaxy, the temperate E-Class world of Otehirs (RS 0-6-229376-1349-3712-7-206101-16 in 9.7.4. beta patch 5) was discovered in 9986. It is smaller than Earth with a diameter of 9537.8 km and a gravitation index of 0.8 G. With a semimajor axis of 0.96 Au it has an earthlike year of 353.9 days. Its local day is 18 hours and 8 minutes.

The planet, along with the planet, is more than twice the age of the Sol System at 9,3 billion years old. It has nine moons, two of which are hot and temperate S-Class moons.


The world has an atmosphere of only 0.5 ATM. With an axial tilt of 36°20’ the seasons on the planet are more extreme than seasons on Earth. Its average temperature is -2.6 °C.

Otehirs (2)

The two moons of Otehirs as seen from a mountain range

Because of the atmospheric pressure being only half that of Earth there is less weather than on most worlds, although that doesn’t mean there is no weather whatsoever. There are occasional storms that spread across the forested planet.

Despite there being more land than water most of the planet is covered with green plants. The most common plant is a small grasslike growth that provides most of the oxygen on the planet.


The lifeforms on the planet are more uniform than on Earth because of the ratio of land to water. There are a couple islands where there are unique animals that have been separated but those are few and far between.

Otehirs (3)

Map of Otehirs

The most unique lifeform is, ironically enough, a crystalline animal that the locals now call the Deadly Shine. It’s a highly intelligent and predatory animal that lures its prey towards itself using its incredible beauty. It then sends a fatal electric shock through its prey while at the same time shooting a small crystal into its prey. As the prey decays the crystal feeds off the nutrients it releases.

The planet used to be home to the now extinct Hastir and current homeworld of the Tadian.

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