General Info

Otho is a warm O-Class planet orbiting the binary Flovian System. It has unicellular life in the oceans, and is tidally



The ocean on the planet is made of liquid water, with the night side of the tidally locked planet frozen over. Near the night side, many icebergs float around like the polar regions of Earth. The anatomy of the planet is almost entirely water, with a silicate-iron core at the center. The oceans extend for so far down that the pressure eventually gets so high that the water compresses into ice... that is not cold. The surface ice on the night side does not go down to the core, and so the ocean continues far beneath the surface ice.


The life on Otho is basic, bacterial life. Though, it has evolved into some small fishes, though nothing has evolved to go onto the ice surface on the night side.


The atmosphere on Otho is almost identical to Earth's. 56 percent nitrogen, 27.2 percent oxygen, and 16.4 percent carbon dioxide. Though, the atmosphere is not that thin and has a pressure of 0.329 atm. A giant storm has formed on the day side, and constant rain and lightning come down from above.

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