Outeria (designation: RS 8409-820-8-1729418-44 in beta patch 8) is a binary star system located on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy and roughly fifty five thousand light years from Earth


Discovered in 5016 by the Confederacy of Humanity, later analysis and exploration of the star system revealed two inhabited oceanic planets, including an asteroid belt with a dwarf planet. The Confederacy did not explore the system again until 9097. They chose to not interfere with the evolution of life on both planets until, to their surprisement, two signals were detected, originating from both of the planets. Contact was made with the civilisations, the Aery's and Nertoa, both a late-Type 0 civilisation as measured on the Kardashev Scale.

The two civilisations discovered each other in 8025. Unfortunately, their intentions towards each other sparked the first interplanetary war in 8330, properly known as the Aeyra-Nerva War, slaughtering almost a billion of each species. The Aery's quickly rose to power and took control of both planets. This soon led to unbelievable discrimination on the Nertoa and even led to the hybrids being produced.

The star system in 10,000 CE has now calmed down and both civilisations avoid each other in the fear of sparking another interplanetary war.

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