Ovod is a star 34.8 lightyears from Aolia. It is an extremely strange star. Scientists first mistook it for a brown dwarf, and it had baffled them since they saw how small it was for a brown dwarf. Also, it had an absurdly high oxygen content, far more than any normal brown dwarf could have.

Revealing Ovod's nature

Then, one of the scientists working on Nysha came up with the theory that this could be a white dwarf, albeit a record-breakingly light one. That theory was immediately put to the test, and all the given parameters matched up with the theoretical values for a white dwarf. So Ovod was in fact a stupidly light white dwarf, but how did it lose so much mass?

Ovod's past

Ovod was born as a regular K-type star, in a binary with another more massive white dwarf. When Ovod started to burn helium, it expanded and entered the roche limit of its companion, so Ovod started losing mass and, eventually, lost all of its outer layers and became a white dwarf.

The other white dwarf was now very massive, and Ovod only had about 20% of Sol's mass left. It was still very big, and it migrated inwards until it was again in that white dwarfs roche limit.

This would have been runaway and Ovod would have been destroyed, if it weren't for another star passing closeby to the system and gravitationally perturbing their orbits, and so the more massive white dwarf slingshotted closeby Ovod, stealing away so much mass it went into the brown dwarf mass range, and shooting out of the system, leaving behind a remnant so light it couldn't be a star.

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