The Pak Supercluster is a volume of space roughly equal to 40 quintillion cubic light years. The cluster was named after astronomer Pak Song-Min and a research team in 3087. It is approximately 300 gigalightyears from the milky way. What is notable about this cluster is that it is entirely made of antimatter.


The cluster contains 302 galaxies. Most of which are small irregular galaxies, with several spiral and elliptical galaxies mixed in. The cluster has been observed to contain thousands of self aware species, and even several type-II civilizations. One type three civilization exists in the cluster.


The most notable civilizations are the type-II and the single type three civilization. Although not much is known about the civilizations, contact has been made with most of them, albeit brief contact.

The Fni'uidian Demarchy

Usually referred to as just "the demarchy,' this nation is the only type-III civilization in the cluster. It is a loose collection of sovereign states similar to a confederacy. The Demarchy is a powerful civilization with billions of vessels and billions of soldiers.

Type-II Civilization list

This list only describes the most powerful type-II civilizations

  • The R'djlo Union
  • Destraya
  • Losrif
  • Swig'tsu


Antimatter is an incredibly dangerous substance. If it comes into contact with regular matter it annihilates in a burst of energy. If a civilization in the cluster were to spread beyond the cluster, the result could be a catastrophic loss of life for both the expanding party and the CoB. In order to contain the civilizations and the large amounts of antimatter, the BAC (Bureau of Antimatter Containment) was founded. This Bureau contains any antimatter escaping the cluster and prevents organizations, individuals, and even governments from knowing the existence of the cluster. The secrecy protects both humanity and the antimatter civilizations as harvesting antimatter from the cluster would be a lucrative yet dangerous prospect that would result in the destruction of the civilizations and the death of quadrillions. Only the highest officials in the CoB know of the existence of the cluster. A few select scientists are allowed to observe the cluster, although only passive observations are allowed, as any direct contact in immediate death.


The origin of the Cluster remain a total mystery, yet several theories were proposed over the years to explain it.

  • Leftover Big Bang Theory
    • This theory states that the big bang made slightly more matter than antimatter, most of it annihilated, the antimatter and regular matter that didn't annihilate still exist to this day.
  • Failed Universal Wormhole Theory
    • This theory is the most outlandish of the theories. It states that an advanced civilization from another universe tried to create a wormhole to our universe. This wormhole malfunctioned and caused the galaxies to be ejected into our universe. This theory is not supported by any evidence other than the minute attractive properties displayed by wormholes.
  • Mass Anomalous Quantum Tunneling
    • This theory has the most evidence supporting it although the evidence that is present is inconclusive at best. The theory is based on the recently discovered phenomenon called Mass Anomalous Quantum Tunneling. This phenomenon has never been viewed on a galactic scale, but scientists predicted that it was possible for matter to quantum tunnel googols of lightyears from another universe into our own.
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