"The Isolated World, The World from the Other Side, the Lonely Planet, The World of Opportunities, A Home away from Home, are some of the names from which this world is known to people of our Nation and to other Herschel Nations. This world is an Embassy for our country, serving as a Trading center for all the commerce between the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems and the United Alliance. A symbol of cooperation and fraternity between them and us. A thriving place, where money, population, Scientific and technological exchange are in the lead" - Explorer & Scientist, Lisa Martinez.
Parthia is a Terran World of the E-Class Type, located in the Symmachia System, on the other side of the Porta Antiqua Wormhole, that connects the Lewis Galaxy with the Ambrosia Galaxy. The Planet belongs to The United Alliance and is located in the Ambrosia Galaxy on the Omega Side of the Wormhole, meaning it is Isolated from the rest of U.A space. The Planet works as an Embassy World of the Nation inside the territory of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

Since relations between both nations are extraordinary, this world has functioned as a commercial and scientific point of exchanged between both nations. Parthia and Initium, on the other side of the Wormhole, function as intermediaries between both nations and all techs, population movements and specially all trade of the UA and the Ambrosia Alliance has to pass through both Planets.

This has made Parthia a very wealthy Planet (as well as Initium) and by such a very diverse and multispecies place. Several races have settled in here in order to profit from trade. The most important race though is Humans (20%), followed by Aldorians (15%), Ugnara (14%), Ko'rr (13%) Serpentine (10%), Krizik (7%), Arati (5%), Haggard (4%), Noraki (4%), Murban (4%), Meerkethus (1%) The Capi-Oblivione (1%), The Ringvarite (1%), Zythyn (1%) and some others.


The Planet was colonized by several Ships of a U.A Expedition, after crossing the Porta Antiqua Wormhole looking for exploration of the system on the other side. The vessels encounter Parthia as the only habitable world, without intelligent live present and decided to settled there as a base for further exploration and analysis. Envoyees built a scientific outposts to keep studying the system and the wormhole, as well as studying where in the Universe they were located at.

The singularity of a Habitable Planet just across the Wormhole, seemed an extrange idea and since the present day, it hasn't been clarify if Parthia was terraformed or was naturally habitable.

One thing though is clear, the Planet was inhabited in the Past. Millions of Dengar remains and death skeletons of this species have been found in the planet.The Planet seems to have had a very large Dengar population at some point in history with a very high degree of wealth and technological level. Other Alien remains have been found in the Planet, most notably those known as Noctis-Umbra (contemporaries to the Dengar), although in smaller numbers. In much smaller numbers, some Veteris, Capi, Propita, Nagala and Havenite remains have also been found. This indicates that just as in the present, the planet seemed like a very large trading and wealthy hub between these Civilizations. Ruins of ancient Dengar structures can be seen in many parts of the Planet, as well as mass graves. This has indicated the experts that some cataclysm happened in the planet somewhere between 1,700,000,000 BCE and 1,600,000,000 BCE. This is coincident with the extinction of the Dengar in the Lewis Galaxy as well. Some have speculated that the Keriathans are an involved or regression of the Dengar species back into a wild animalistic species but this is highly controversial with several theories and scientific studies supporting or neglecting this hypothesis.


The Planet has a rather humid, heavily forested terrain. Cold and deserts are almost nonexistent in the planet. Dry lands exist on the equator, but still those areas are more forested than typical savannas and are not very large. The Planet has no icecaps, with only tundra climate towards those areas, making them habitable to Humans, Aldorians and Arati. Temperatures are rather cold. The Planet has heavy rains and humidity, but cold temperatures averaging somewhere between 10 and 14 degrees celsius with maximum lows of -50 degrees in the colder and higher areas, and to a maximum of 43 degrees in the driest lands and only in very extremely hot summers.

This colder climate is perfect for Aldorians and Arati, who can thrive in colder areas of the Planet. The Krizik in turn have taken the warmer areas. The Murban an Noraki live mostly either by the coast, inside the Oceans or on Floating cities in the Planet. Humans and the rest of the Alien species are scattered all over Parthia and can be found in almost every climate zone.

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