The Paxites were an artificial species created by the Samians, as ordered by the 110th Supreme Lord to preserve information about their civilisation for thousands of years after a mass extinction took place.


As a way to maintain their body image, the Samians successfully cloned several individuals and tinkered with their genes before birth. By taking genes from other species, both plants and animals, they managed to insert new bodily features. While their body still resembled a humanoid, they grew stronger muscles and developed a bigger body size. However, despite the improvements, they were significantly less fertile than the normal Samian, hence their population numbering only in the thousands. Reproduction almost became pointless, as ectogenesis took over as the common way to produce offspring.


They were frozen in cryogenic chambers onboard an interplanetary ship for millennia, as part of the Hivemind's covert operation. They were awoken thousands of years later in 41,050 CE as the ship was alerted to intruders. After the Paxites discovered who these intruders were, they were brought into their nations for study and protection. The Di'Vaornians and Nar'Gorrians, both members of an interstellar alliance, welcomed this small group of Paxites into their nations. As the years went by, the Paxites had an increasing effect on the politics of the galaxy, essentially becoming a wealthy and dominant class in society. In 41,055 CE, they were among the founders of the new Silver League.

While most Paxites resided in the Silver League, a smaller, rogue group fled to the planet Kreon in the Lewis Galaxy to settle in a democracy, rather than an aristocracy. They were offered protection by the United Alliance due to their high risk of extinction. Even though they survived for millennia afterwards, their population stagnated at the same level, and still remains like this to present day. They've attempted to launch new political parties, but to no avail. 

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