The People's Kingdom of Kapiar-Veserbia, also known as simply Kapiar-Veserbia, is a relatively small elective monarchy in the Milky Way, centered about 58,000 light-years away from Sol.

It declared independence from the Confederacy of Humanity on December 2nd, 20046 as with plenty other smaller entities during the Split of the Confederacy of Humanity. It has since the defended its sovereignty, although it had not made significant expansions aside from establishing mining and manufacturing colonies in unclaimed (and uninhabited) planets and asteroids.

While a majority (~580 million) of its population lives across multiple planets in the system of Kapiar (RS 8474-3716-7-1209403-71 in, its most populated region with ~460 million inhabitants (about 250 million of which are humans) is actually the continent of Strendak, on the E-Class Veserbia which they share with the local nations of the Veserbians.


The planet Veserbia was discovered by colonists from the Confederacy of Humanity around the year 15914. When it was discovered, the planet was already inhabited by significant populations of locals with 21st century technology, although due to its tidal locking one of the largest landmasses on the planet was entirely uninhabited. Against standard directives, these colonists made contact with the local civilization and began settling on said continent in exchange for supplying some technologies (fusion energy, mostly), to the local inhabitants. The colony expanded due to immigration from both the native Veserbians and Humans.

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