Petram is a hot tidally locked S-Class world, the first planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy


It is rich in minerals such as iron and gold. Other than Petram Station, it's only inhabited by sparsely placed mining stations.

Being so close to it's parent star, life on Petram is very difficult. Miners living on the dwarf planet often need to retreat within structures to escape the blistering heat and radiation produced by the star.

Although the world has a small population it is a major iron and gold resource for Alliance controlled worlds, like it's sister dwarf planet Iusto

Petram is most well known for being the area where the First Alliance War began, at the Battle of Petram on 10388 CE.


The geography of Petram consists of large areas of flat deserts due to the radiation produced by Hope. As well as small canyons, craters, and grooves.

The most notable geological feature on Petram is Iron Crater, a large crater around forty kilometers in diameter.

As well, large yellow-colored limestone areas are strung amongst the endless dust fields.


As Petram lacks any form of atmosphere, it does no experince any dynamic climate that changes due to wind conditions and or seasons. Instead, the dwarf planet constantly gets bombarded by large amount of radiation from its parent star, slowly eroding the stone surface of the world.

This aforementioned radiation is at the same level across the entire surface, leaving the possibility of terraforming highly unlikely.


During the Etymology Era, Petram would have a fairly large population of five hundred million, with most of its inhabitants being Havenite. However now the dwarf planet has a very small population of around 20,570 people, with the vast majority being humans.

This small population was also almost completely loacated within the dwarf planet's largest colony, Petram Station. However smaller towns made of single families could be found in other areas.


Like most worlds under the control of the Havenites, Petram didn't have a unique culture during this period of its history, operating identically to most worlds their people lived on.

The current culture of Petram and its colony are completely based around mining, as it was the only purpose it served. Almost all jobs available to the populace are related to something in the mining of the dwarf's planets many minerals.


Petram was formed around 4,795,109,000 standard years ago. Originally, Petram was the moon of a duel planet system with its sister world Iusto.  

However, ever since they're formation the two gradually drifted apart, ultimately culminating around 3,210,005,222 BCE when the two escaped each others gravity and became independent bodies.  

In 2,764,212,067 BCE its two dwarf moons, Myoone and Kekat were formed when a large asteroid collided with Petram, creating Iron Crater.   

During the Etymology Era, the Havenites of Petram's sister-world, Haven, would construct massive cities across its surface. As they did with all worlds in their home system. These cities would however be utterly destroyed by both the C.Y.R.E.X, and by constant erosion due to radiation.  

When human colonists arrived within the Hope System, they sent exploratory probes to map out the composition of the many worlds housed within it. Once they discovered it's abundance of precious metals such as iron and gold they opted to create a small mining colony on the dwarf planet.  

Thus, in 10,277 CE, Petram Station was founded. Petram served as a major mining colony for years, even after the Human Alliance of Ambrosia's economic disaster, it never faltered.  

However, on June 16th 10,388 CE the True Alliance of Man made themselves known at the Battle of Petram. Though the fighting only lasted six hours and the True Alliance was defeated, it was enough to destroy most of Petram Station, and kill over four hundred Human Alliance soldiers.  

After the battle, the people of Petram were urged to return to work. Reluctantly, Petram Station continued supplying the Human Alliance, and then the Ambrosia Alliance.  

Surface Colonies

Petram Station:

Petram Station is the capital of Petram of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a mid size mining colony with a surface area of around one hundred kilometers squared. The majority of Petram's populace is located there with a population of around 19,800 people. It was the site where the Battle of Petram took place, igniting the First Alliance War in 10388 CE


Petram Station is a sort of tower structure made up of four levels. From bottom to top they are the Mining District, the Commercial District, the Housing District, and the Governmental District.

Petram Station is powered through large solar panels, gathering energy from Hope. With the star being so close Petram Station gathers a lot of energy, and with Petram's permanent days the solar panels gather energy constantly.

The Mining District was where the majority of Petram Station's job market was located. Most citizens are miners, gathering precious metals with robotic instruments, they are paid the standard miner wages implemented by the Q.U.I. which is around four C-Units per hour, they work an eight standard hour work day, five standard days a week, with opportunities for promotion.

The district has large tunnels crisscrossing underground at mineral deposits. This is where Petram Station workers spend most of their time, using elevators and small land vehicles to traverse the large underground expanses. Holographic map posts are located at key spots within the tunnels for miners to find their way. If a miner was to get lost, or stuck within a hole of some kind they can activate a radio beacon on their suits and rescue workers would be alerted to their position. Then they would be taken to medical facilities located within the tunnels.

Other notable locations within the tunnels are small recreational areas where workers can receive refreshments, seating, and entertainment on their break times. These are spread around two kilometers away from each other.

On the surface, the Mining District has fitting rooms where miners can put on their protective suits. Fueling depots where land and air vehicles can be fueled and repaired. And landing platforms where extra planetary ships can land.

The Commercial District is where businesses are located. Be them small family owned, or massive chain corporations. It functions as a mall would on Earth during the 21st Century. Stores, services, lodging, and restaurants can be found there.

The Housing District is where Petram Station's population lives, It holds long expanses of apartments, each one is around nine hundred and forty one square feet. What was in said apartments depends on the residence within them. Rent on Petram Station is around fifty C-Units per month.

The Governmental District is where polices affecting Petram are held. The prime minister office and Petram senate is located there. Only elected officials of Petram's local government, or Ambrosia Alliance officials are allowed within it. Petram Station's police force is also located there.

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