The Philophrosyne galaxy, known by its official designation as NGC 383 is an S0 type radio galaxy in the Charis Cluster and is also part of The Four Sisters.


It is larger than the Euthenia Galaxy, being 127.74 thousand lightyears across and containing 210 billion stars.

It is a Hubble Type-S0 galaxy which is extremely common in the Charis Cluster. Some have nicknamed it, "Lover's Ring" galaxy due to its ring-like appearance.


Philophrosyne, along with its three other sisters were discovered when the Starlight Envoy passed through an artificial wormhole into Euthenia in 9983.

When more Humans migrated into the galaxy, they began to send unmanned probes to each of The Four Sisters.

Soon in 100020, a large group of Humans wanting escape the troubles of the Confederacy, left in an armada of large colony ships to the Philophrosyne galaxy, as they admired its appearance amongst the Four Sisters. In 100020, they discovered an uninhabited terra in a small system of five planets. This planet, soon named Kardia, would later become the capital of the Kingdom of Philophrosyne, a small nation whose existence is unknown to other Humans.

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