Phobos is a moon of Mars. It is tethered to the Martian surface, acting as a counterbalance of the Martian Space Elevator. It is also home to the Martis Shipyard Construction Network as well as one of Humanity's first Asteroid Habitats.


Phobos is a settled moon that orbits the planet Mars. It is an irregularly shaped satellite.


Phobos was the first stop of Humanity during the journey to, and colonization of Mars. It was landed on by Humans first, and became a forward-operating-base for further studies and colonization efforts. In the later part of the 22nd century, it became the site of the construction of a Space Elevator as well as an asteroid habitat, allowing travel from the base and the planet to become much easier, as well as the mined resources to be transported to space easier. It became the main trade hub of the Martian sector, since it was easier to trade with Phobos than Mars, since ships could avoid the gravity well of Mars. 

As trade increased, the need for Mars to export goods to other colonies made Phobos put effort into constructing a trade and military fleet. This lead to the Martis Shipyard Construction Network, a series of automated shipyars which construct, repair and commission all manner of ships for the fleet of Humanity. 

Throughout this time period, Phobos saw more and more permanent residents, and the small forward operating base spread to cover the entire moon, becoming a world within it's own right. 


The population of Phobos is smaller than many of the other bodies in Sol, at around only a million people. Much of this population lives in huge skyscraper complexes that allow for relatively comfortable living, with environmental floors that simulate Earth-like environments.  

The population of Phobos live in a giant airtight city, some living underneath the surface, and others sprouting up over the surface. The living conditions of of the city are considered to be of high quality. Residents are encouraged to grow plants and flowers in order to make the city more like the cities of Earth. Communal living has become a key component of Phobosian life, with very little alternative being available.  

Many of the people on Phobos work to build new ships and construct new city regions.  

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