Pike is an ice world with 12 moons. Although its surface is pockmarked with craters from collisions that date back to the formation of the Suquina System, it is still being bombarded to this day. It orbits Suquina, a star located within the Milky Way.

Pike's Moons

Ordered in closest to farthest Orbital Period Diameter Type Moon
Voiruta 6h23m57.61s 11.35 km Dwarf
Stoth 8h23m08.19s 16.31 km Dwarf
Ruyter 10h32m10.07s 17.22 km Dwarf
Spuvoter 11h00m47.2s 19.04 km Dwarf
Kamaria 19h22m59.43s 1444.18 km Moon
Xafrueter 34h06m31.77s 31.22 km Dwarf
Ustolla 2.501 days 29.68 km Dwarf
Celina 4.401 days 840.74 km Moon
Cinthia 7.743 days 869.16 km Moon
Celena 13.624 days 2095.75 km Moon
Ooljee 23.976 days 970.49 km Moon
Hakidonmuya 42.189 days 1086.58 km Moon
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