The Plaezard Duality

The Plaezard Duality (RS 1186-2271-2-9-445 in 0.973) is an extremely strange binary star system located in the Andromeda galaxy.  There are 2 planets orbiting around both stars, but what is intriguing is that it consists of an extremely hot O8-class AND an extremely old T2-class star with 5 and 6 planets respectively.  No life has been detected around either star.

The Isvoy stuck

Unusual Atmosphere

The way the atmosphere looks near the terminator of both stars on RS 1186-2271-2-9-445 B1. In the sky is the T2-class being lit up by the O8.

around to explore however, due to the unusual nature of the system, and scientists found extremely strange and beautiful views on a planet known only by it's designator RS 1186-2271-2-9-445 B1 .  There, the brown T2-class dwarf is close enough to light

Green Planet

1186-2271-2-9-445 A5

up the thick atmosphere (13.1atm) at the same time as the O8-class blue star, which is below the horizon in the opposite direction.  The effect it makes is eerily beautiful.

Also of note is a very green planet in orbit around the O8. Known as RS 1186-2271-2-9-445 A5, scientists aboard the Isvoy have sampled the atmosphere, and the green color is primarily caused by chlorine gas. No organic chemicals were detected.

The planet is far too hot to support life anyhow, at a scorching 672 Centigrade. Surprisingly it held onto its atmosphere, which has a pressure of 1.6atm.

Fortunately, the Isvoy found a temperate O-class moon (2.4) orbiting around the second planet to orbit around both stars, and offloaded an automated survey ship to study both stars and their entourage of planets.

The Isvoy left the Duality a week later.


The O-class moon with it's gas giant parent.

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