A government branch of both the United Republic of Space Settlements and the Confederacy of Humanity that grants permission for groups to terraform and colonize planets.


The PCB is responsible for making sure that any planet found that is a potential candidate for terraforming and colonization is ideal for the task. When a suitable planet for colonization and possibly terraforming is discovered the FCB scientists are dispatched to study the planet in detail.

First they must determine if there is any native life on the planet. If the planet is lifeless then terraforming may begin. If there is life they would have to determine if an increase or decrease in atmosphere, along with importing alien plants and animals, would interfere with the native ecology. If introduction of alien plant and animal life would harm the native environment, the PCB would forbid the importing of alien plants and animals but allows colonization, but if an increase or decrease of atmospheric pressure would cause mass extinction the planet is left alone for mostly scientific study and occasionally colonization by brave humans.

The PCB then must determine if the characteristics of the planet suit the list of groups in their database. Whenever someone applies for a colonization license, they have to fill out a checklist of desired statistics, gravity, land levels, temperature etc. The groups are then put on a waiting list. Some groups like warm humid worlds while others like cooler drier worlds. When this is determined the group that has the most checklists met is contacted and a few observers head to the target world to look it over. If they accept, they the FCB has them sign some documents and colonization can begin. If they reject it, however, the FCB moves down the list until they find a group that does want to colonize.

During any terraforming efforts, FCB representatives and a few scientists live on the planet to make sure that whatever terraforming company is on the job is doing so correctly. After terraforming is complete, the FCB leaves the planet.


After one of mankind’s earlier extrasolar planetary colonization efforts failed due to lack of precautions and causing a near mass extinction of native life, a meeting of the URSS senate was called in 2129. There was a call to create a branch of the government that would deal with the safe terraforming of other worlds. Thus the PCB was formed.

The PCB quickly began to send out their own little commercials, notifying people of their purpose. Groups of people began filling out the statistics and sending them into the newly formed bureau.

During the First Age the bureau was busy with the exploring of nearby space and colonization and terraforming of other worlds. However, when the Second Age rolled around their role was severely diminished due to most of the ships being used to quell the mass riots, rebellions and wars fought all over human occupied space.

When the URSS fell the PCB assumed they would be shut down as well but the Confederacy contacted them and offered them more ships and FTL probes to explore and select potential worlds. The PCB still operates to this day. Their offices are located in San Francisco on Earth.

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