Pokopoko is a planet located in Mayall's Object within the territory of the Temple of Amaterasu. Originally the site of a failed colonization attempt, this planet earned its name due to the what happened after the failed colonization attempt.

After the colony ship slammed into the planet's surface five miles above the planet's surface, two young girls (7 and 4 years old, both sisters), the only survivors of the wreck, crawled from the ship. After getting their bearings, they rejoiced at first, as no adult supervision meant freedom and the newfound ability to do whatever they wanted. However, within the first few days, a rare parasitic lichen native to Pokopoko started to grow on the right arm of the younger girl. As order begins to collapse, they soon realize that they are being stalked by a horse-sized, intelligent predator of Pokopoko known as a Vleamking Owl, which they assumed to be a monster. After a week of evading this animal and living off of Pokopoko's jungles, which have ten times more biodiversity than the Amazon rainforest, the older sister is ambushed, killed and eaten by the 'monster', leaving the younger child alone. At this point, the lichen had grown throughout her right arm, parts of her right leg, and parts of her torso. Feeling abandoned, the girl sat down in a ditch and started to cry, accepting her eventual death. At that moment, a recon ship sent to investigate the wreckage found the girl, sending an escort ship to pick her up. Although she did not recover psychologically and eventually died due to the lichen's merciless blood feast, the jungle she and her sister died in was established as protected land in memory of the two sisters. The entire ordeal also earned the planet its name, with the event very similar to the ancient video 'POKOPOKOPIKOTAN'.

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