Polinian Language.


Polini & Costaelia.

Polini is an E-Class world, 4th from its star, Peltara. Polini Is home to two different species of intelligent life, one terrestrial, and one marine. They were a mid Type II Civilization before contact with humans; afterwards, they exploded to a late Type III Civilization. After only 2000 years, they advanced into an early Type IV Civilization. They are currently advancing to a mid Type IV. Based on current growth, Polinians will reach a Type V 1 millennia ahead of humans. Polinians will be responsible for creating an M-Hole(Wormhole to another Universe) and taking most life with them to survive the universe dying.


Polinian language consists of 39 letters, 13 unique to Polinian language. Luckily, Polinians have all 26 letters of the english alphabet. the 13 unique letters are commonly used as letter shortcuts or to define social status, with Dĕ being the lowest and Zĕ-ĭ, And Zō only used for special occasions, such as World Leaders.

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Polinians Became a Civilization :4300 BCE

Calcidi is moved by Unknown Civilization, presumably Type III: 1700 BCE

Polinians discover their relatives, the Inkras: 1200 CE

Planets around Peltara discovered: 1300 CE

Global War I(GWI): 1500 CE

World Wide Space Race: 1846 CE

Inkras put up their first Probe, Discover(Translated) : 1850 CE

Polinians travel to their Moon, Costaelia :1854 CE.

Inkras Travel to their Moon, Costaelia: 1857 CE

WWSR Ends: 1865 CE

World Peace achieved: 2046 CE

Costaelian Base, holding 60 civilians built: 2100 CE

Landed on Calcidi: 2140 CE

Crandi landing: 2154 CE

Allo landing: 2160 CE

Extraterrestrial radio messages begin: 2359 CE

Eclian planets discovered: 2400 CE

Humans arrive: 3450 CE

Specialized Wormhole testing begins. : 9764 CE

Wormhole created to the Pleiades Cluster, with the help of Humans : 9952 CE

Wormhole created near the Andromeda Galaxy, set to the Sombrero Galaxy. calibration fails, and wormhole links the Virgo Supercluster to the Cunudra Galaxy(Updated Soon...) : 90985 CE

Polini becomes a Type IV Civilization : 9996 CE

Particle of M-Matter discovered: 15000 CE

1 g of M-Matter is used, and a blast equivalent to hawking radiation from a 1 Sol mass black hole all at once. 12 Injured, 3 Dead : 18342 CE

Polinians become Type V Civilization: 0 ACE(Subject to Change)

Humans and Polinians become Type VII Civilizations: 300 Million ACE

Testing of tachyons between Universes is successful : 460000000 ACE

Evacuation Multi-hole(Link to another Universe) created. New Universe colonized, and homeworlds are taken with.: 500000000 ACE

Polinians plan to "re-boot" the universe(aka restart it) in 1 Quadrillion ACE.

New Universe is created naturally, and all life re-inhabits Universe #2:10^5600( or for the whole number) ACE


A Peltarian Eclipse.

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