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Polinians are a humanoid species that consists of two arms, two legs, and one set of Medium sized wings. Their wings tend to correspond with hair color. Polinians are a Type IV Civilization, As of 100000. They currently occupy about 10% of the Milky Way, which 50% was given to as a gift from the Humans. Polinians are currently colonizing The Polinian Cluster , and have expanded up to 10,000 Stars each In the Cunudra and Patinar Galaxies. Polinians can, without any physical harm, live forever, like Humans. Before "Immortalizing", Polinians could live on average for 100-170 Years. Polinians can rarely be Albino, and have elegant white and red wings; Rarely, some Polinians opt for these magnificent wings. Currently, Polinians are at peace with most milky way inhabitants, and are allied with Humans and The Erati. They originated from the planet Polini.



Polinian. Special Letters Highlighted in Light Blue.

Polinians have a unique language, which makes up 39 Letters, 12 Unique to Polinian. Polinians speak similar to how Humans speak.

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