The Porphyrion Galaxy (RG 0-0-0-1604), also known as Zeymus to the Tionites, is a vibrant purple spiral galaxy, 4.02 Billion lightyears from the Milky Way.


It was given its name for two reasons. Porphyrion was the name of a giant in Greek mythology which relates to the galaxy's huge size. "Porphyrion" sounds similar to "porphyra" which is the greek word for purple.

Similar to the Archurion Galaxy, this galaxy is very vibrant, and unusually rich in antimatter (0.00284%). It is theorized that they could have come form a similar source.


It both mystified and intrigued the astronomers who first discovered it in 86425 CE, proving that there could be more galaxies of its type waiting to be discovered. Little of it has been explored due to it being too far for normal wormhole drives to reach as well as its enormous size. Only a few of its worlds have been explored and one planet (Eskharta) has been colonized.

It is home to the Tionite civilisation, which controls a 630 lightyear radius.

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