The Porta Antiqua Wormhole is a natural Wormhole, known also as WH 7064, connecting the Symmachia System in the Ambrosia Galaxy and the Arthmios System in the Lewis Galaxy. It was already a somehow stable wormhole before humans settled the Lewis Galaxy in 72,166 CE.

It has been theorized that the Wormhole was used and stabilized in the past by an Ancient Civilization, contemporaries of the Noctis-Umbra in the Ambrosia Galaxy, that inhabited the Coris Mid Arm millions of years previously, but that is currently extinct. This Civilization is known as the Dengar, and lived through a large portion of the Lewis Galaxy, most notably on what is now United Alliance space. The Wormhole seems to have established commerce between the Dengar and the Noctis-Umbra, before the Dengar and the Noctis-Umbra went extinct on both sides of the gate.

By the time of discovery of the Wormhole by Humans of the U.A, the Dengar were a mystery of the Lewis Galaxy under intense study by the United Alliance. The race will be largely known by this nation by the 200th millennium.

History and Discovery

The Wormhole was rediscovered, stabilized, secured and explored by the United Alliance, when scienceships explored the system and established a small scientist outpost on Prolis, later known as Initium, to study the system and its abnormal wormhole. The Wormhole had an ancient Dengar artifact, that was apparently made to block access into the wormhole and prevent others from entering through it. Still, the artifact had stop working properly due to its antiquity, and was soon dismantle and studied. After the deactivation of this device, the Wormhole was ready to use again. Caution was taken so to see why the blocking alien machinery was there for in the first place. Scientist sent some probes across the Wormhole to test what was on the other side. It was considered a peaceful system and probably with no intelligent live or electronic signals or waves of any kind.

In 110 233 CE, seven large exploration vessels crossed the Wormhole to the other side into the unknown. The Ships carried Humans, Aldorians, Arati and Krizik as well as some other species. Most of whom were scientists, linguists, diplomats, xenobiologist, army officers, settlers, soldiers and colony expert builders.

Soon after arriving into the other side, no signal of life was activated at first other than the Terran World of the E-Type Class in the system, known as Parthia. A small colony was built there. After a year of Exploration on the other side of the system, a signal was detected. It was a transmission of The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, that had detected their presence in their nearby space. This provoke a contact between the United Alliance and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. This helped the newcomers to detect where they were in the Universe, since the United Alliance and the Ambrosia Alliance knew each other through indirect contact facilitated by the Intergalactic Council, although no formal relations had been established between them due to distance.

It was a surprise for them to encounter humans like them and a society very similar to them on ideals and principals on the other side rather than a nation that could be a threat. The Wormhole was a discovery that made both nations in contact and celebrated in the Porta Antiqua Summit. Very quickly, both nations established cordial relations, peace talks and set the borders of the Wormhole space. Prolis, renamed Initium by the Ambrosians and the Arthmios System was given to the Ambrosia Nation, while Parthia and the Symmachia system was given to the United Alliance. Parthia and Initium acted as Embassy Worlds of both nations, enhancing bonds between them.

Soon, the Gate became a stable source of commerce between the Ambrosia Galaxy and the Lewis Galaxy. This transformed Parthia and Initium into wealthy trading hubs and travelling of goods, people, scientific research, technologies etc... was a normal daily thing.

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