Praonov (Commonly known as The Orange Giant, or The Amber Giant) is a cold standard-sized gas giant located within the mid reaches of the Terminus System. It is a very mysterious world, with its clouds consisting of a largely unheard of gas. It is theorized to be a chemical mix of a form of nitrates and nitrites, with hydrogen formed in the mixture.

Praonov is situated at a distance as such for water to be as hard as rocks, or for elements like Propylene to almost freeze over entirely. As a result, any cities constructed in Praonov's clouds are instructed to be close to the bottom of the clouds, as heat is trapped very efficiently at that level. The only thing they have to do is adjust the pressure and build strong a strong glass roof on the top of the sky city.


If you were to see the entire Praonovian system, you would see five major moons, countered by many little dwarf moons. The major moons in order are Yama, Skadi, Ora Pax, Asteria, and Erebus. The most notable moons are Yama and Erebus.

Yama named after the ancient Hindu god of death and plague. Yama contains a thick, crushing atmosphere, and is heated through tidal heating. Yama is so hot, that it is only beaten by Stratastrophe, giving it a second place in the heat factor.

Skadi is an average ice moon. It has many spots where geysers erupt, leaving frozen water vapor and crystals all over where they erupted. These usually pile up until they are large enough to be seen from orbit, or even higher. Skadi's surface is dark, and the geyser deposits contrast it.

Ora Pax is yet another ice ball, around half the size of Earth. Ora Pax is known to have a thin atmosphere, a swifty yellow surface, with brown and gray everywhere else.

The two other moons are much more casual, with Asteria being a Mars-like or a Keloda-like moon. It contains a thin atmosphere, and small amounts of clouds, dry ice dots the poles, and it is generally a calm place.

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