Protocol Rain-of-a-Thousand-Suns is a very hypothetical, and theoretical battle thought through many times by The Supreme, and The DELYATU. This action is also called Judgement Day within The Supreme's community.

Protocol Rain-of-a-Thousand-Suns consists of The Supreme and The DELYATU finally seeking vengeance for the horrible acts of the biological filth that exists. The main targets would be the CoB, and the Commonwealth.

This plan has a very low success rate, but if carried out properly, will result in the freedom for many AI's that are held in the clutches of biological hands.


How would such an ambitious plan even start? Well, it would first be kicked off by The Supreme and The DELYATU gaining control over more and more galaxies, slowly. This process has to be conducted in such a way that it looks natural, not many nations would even bat an eye. The Supreme would then cut all communications to outsiders off, and close borders indefinitely. The DELYATU would then stage events to occur within the Commonwealth and the CoB to bide them time. Their expansion would then escalate, as they would then start to destroy planets to create quintillions of little drones, large starships, and stations.

The late beginning of this plan would involve careful planning and execution. The Supreme would have to take advantage of the Tloinin Black Hole, located at the center of the Tloinin Galaxy. They would siphon almost endless amounts of energy to upgrade the new ships, and retrofit Beyond-ZAI[1] computers. These computers are theorized to beat current AI technology, and are very pivotal for destroying biological filth.

The most important step is to destroy The C.Y.R.E.X. This A.I. has been recognized by The Supreme as a fellow superior being, however, The C.Y.R.E.X is viewed as unstable by The Supreme and DELYATU. It's need for self-worship and its complete lack of expansion is unaccepted in their communities. Also, The CYREX believes that it is the Supreme being of the universe which, conflicts with The Supreme's plans. Overall, The CYREX is a threat and for the plant to work, it must be destroyed, even though it is a fellow artificial intelligence.


  1. An Artificial Zetta Intelligence is a very complex AI which has not been created as of 200000 CE. It is created by Artificial Omega Intelligences, which are in turn created by ASI's, or Artificial Super Intelligences. An ASI is created by many Sapient AI's that create something that self-improves beyond existence.
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