Puarus (Pronounced PWA-RUS) is a dwarf planet located within the Terminus System. Puarus is much like Ceres, orbiting between terrestrial and gas objects. Puarus is also within the Termanian Belt, and is the most massive object in it.

Unlike Ceres, Puarus is not an interesting, captivating, or terraformed world. Puarus also has no moons, and is very far from Terminus, so it remains cold year-round. There is no atmosphere, weather, or any natural cycles of any kind. Other than the occasional ice shelf collapsing under its own weight, there is plain old nothing happening on Puarus.

However, there happen to br large deposits of platinum, silver, magnesium, gold, and tungsten on Puarus. This is the only reason why Puarus' population has recently broke 10 Billion.

There have also been rumors and talk about towing a few asteroids into orbit, and making Puarus an official mining planet. This could rise the Termanian economy, and promote travel to Puarus.

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