Qesboth is a cool gas supergiant located in the Cirand-Hursel system. It is the first planet in the six of the system. It has a home-rule republic, but is also affiliated with the Zaramorian Domain. Known for its shipbuilding industry, the planet has established a training school and business college for young adults seeking to enter the lucrative business. The planet also has four major satellites, and a total of 100 moons.


  • Diameter: 154108.63 km
  • Mass: 6.2635 x 10^27 kg
  • Solar Day: 8 hr 54 min
  • Temperature: -40.85°C


  • Kiria I
  • Kiria II
  • Kiria III
  • Kiria IV

(Note: only the four biggest moons have been included)


In 6012 CE, Qesboth was settled by persons from the planet Zaramor. Qesboth's settling was a gamble to see if building levitating shipyards and cities were possible. After many failures, the first city was finally levitated using a self-recycling battery based off of atmospheric vapor and sunlight. In 6080 CE, the number of cities was around 2,102. Each city was built to contain 2 million people exact, and also included water and foodstuffs for civilians. Around the year 7000 was when the first levitating shipyards were built.

Each shipyard built in the time period from 7000 to 10000 CE could build up to 40 ships per week. The types of ships built were civilian passenger starships, research vessels, and war ships. Because of the prosperity found in this type of business, the Piers College of Business (est. 9543 CE) was established for young entrepreneurs. The Qesboth Technical School (8185 CE) was created for the purpose of teaching young adults the shipbuilding trade, and all the ins-and-outs of manufacturing. Today (200000 CE), both schools teach an average of 13 million students per year.

Qesboth's distance from Zaramor worried some leaders at first. Since the capital of the Cirand-Hursel system is Zaramor, the prospect of making a "home-rule" republic for Qesbothians in order to quell independence was necessary. The republic made on Qesboth in 6012 CE still exists, but has undergone some significant transformation over time. Initially, Zaramorian officials acted in the offices of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. As the population of Qesboth grew, the line of officials went back to Zaramor in 6120 CE, thus leaving a home-rule republic on Qesboth. This republic oversees all business on the planet.

It is made up of a President who can only stay in office for four years before being replaced by a new leader. Its Capitol structure on the city of Lerrida houses over 300,000 senators (from each city). A High Court made up of seven judges sits in session constantly.

However, because Qesboth is in the Zaramorian Domain, an ambassador-representative (appointed by Qesboth's president) is on Zaramor to meet with the other delegates in the United System Council. This council oversees the [Zaramorian] Domain's functions.

In 56404 CE, an uprising by Leolark Jendar and his autocratic terrorist group called the 'Righteous Souls' was quashed by the great Qesboth president Mandelli Norva. Norva's use of military strategy and espionage led to Jendar's defeat, and the economy of the planet skyrocketed.

To date, Qesboth remains one of the most innovative and peaceful planets in the Cirand-Hursel system.

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