Quamgaeo is a gas giant rouge planet of similar mass to Jupiter and has rings comparable to Saturn's, also It has a lot of large moons for its mass.


Quamgaeo is used as a refueling station for interstellar travelers as it holds a lot of hydrogen which is required as fuel and for making water, also it has a lot of large moons and 3 of which have significant tidal heating this allows for a lot of places to stay on, making the Quamgaeo system a popular pit-stop for interstellar travelers.


List of major moons by smallest to largest semi-major axis

  1. Glaines
  2. Douam
  3. Nusqusti
  4. Inlida
  5. Inanest
  6. Parcies
  7. Inte
  8. Noviss
  9. Tantu
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