The Quantelma-Beda-Quesa System(RS-0-0-0-733-28948-5-25022-820, As Of 0.980) Is A Triple Star System In the Cunudra Galaxy. It Consists of a White Giant, A Yellow And Orange Dwarf. This System has 19 Planets In total, With 12(1 Binary System) for the Giant, 5 Orbiting the Two Dwarfs, And 3 Orbiting the three's Barycenter. The Two Dwarfs Are Orbiting Dangerously Close.


The Star System From A Distance, With Quantelma at the right, and the Beda-Quesa System On The Right. Beda and Quesa are too close to see apart.


Quantelma : White Giant

Beda : Yellow Dwarf

Quesa: Orange Dwarf

Outer Planets

Coming Soon....

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