The Quara'ke Trifecta is a small nation just over ten billion light years from Earth. As the name implies, it is composed of three large spiral galaxies although, technically, it does control some small satellite galaxies. However, this is not the actual reason behind the name of the Trifecta. Its real origin comes from the fact that four sub-nations (being the Mozj'la Republic, the Ketla-Anea Alliance and the Quarae Consortium) combine to form it. The main three galaxies of the nation are called Embala, Krolena and Kaltashka. Four major species form the Trifecta. They are the Mozj'la, Quarae, the Anea and Ketla.


The Krolena galaxy


The Trifecta is a reasonably small nation, approximately 10 billion light years from Earth. Three large galaxies (with a handful of satellite galaxies) make up the Trifecta, hence its name.

The Embala galaxy.


The Kaltashka galaxy

The native galaxy of the three species that make up the Quara'ke Trifecta (Sometimes referred to as the Quara'ke Consortium) is the Krolena galaxy, a smaller-than-average Sc spiral galaxy. It is about 84 thousand light years in diameter and contains an estimated 63 billion stars.

The Trifecta's population is 33.3% Mozj'la, 33.3% Quarae and 33.1% Ketla-Anea. The remaining 0.2% is made up of smaller nations that have been absorbed by the Trifecta.


The Quara'ke Trifecta formed in 10,302 CE after a long period of rising tensions between the three major species of the nation and a now-extinct species, known to humanity as the Tashka Empire. The Empire was a brutal dictatorship that slowly begun creeping into far-flung systems in Krolena (now Trifecta territory). This lead to several minor disputes over territory between the nations which, in turn, lead to an all-out war. This war would later be known as the Fight for Krolena by the Trifecta and its allies.

After the war, the newly-formed Trifecta spent most of its budget on repairing the damage the Tashka had caused. This period was around 150 years long and is now commonly referred to as the "Great Restitution". Towards the end of the Restitution, the Alfortanije ("Baby boom" in the Krolenan dialect of Nrashka) occurred, leading to a massive increase in the population of all Quara'ko territory, marking the end of the Great Restitution.

A rapid expansion began, caused by the significant amount of Alfortanije (Closest translation is "Children of the Baby Boom") becoming researchers and colonists. This fuelled the Trifecta's early expansion into neighbouring galaxies such as Feriz and the edge of Makota, although colonies in Makota were later abandoned due to superstition. Upon discovering Embala, hundreds of colony ships were dispatched to the galaxy. Due to most of the Trifecta's resources being sent to the galaxy, the expansion in other galaxies, such as Feriz.

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