Quarry, Unify, Invent, often abbreviated as Q.U.I. Is an organization created by citizens of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, and later the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems with the intent of providing benefits for mining colonies under the two respective governments control in the Ambrosia Galaxy.


Q.U.I is an organization that exists for the sole purpose of providing benefits for those who live in the often sparsely populated mining colonies, mainly located in S-Class planets and moons. The organization's history has been very successful for it, and those who put their faith in it.

It mainly provides these colonies with building materials. Mining tools for workers. And consumables for their citizens to partake in. This system has been very effective, to the point that other civilizations in other galaxies have taken notice and attempt to replicate its success.

It was also the organization that established the: "Standard Miner Wages" which is around four C-Units per standard hour, which is followed typically by an eight standard hour work day, five standard days a week, with opportunities for promotion. These wages were implemented so that every citizen within these colonies that operates as a miner can have a large enough income-base where they can afford rent, food, and certain luxuries.

The group was founded by Helena Mortana, who was, and still is the prime minister of the Hope System moon Quirem. She has led the group from its founding to the present as she is viewed as the best person for the job, this is because she seems to care deeply for the people and places under the organization's benefits and the fact that there hasn't been any reason for her to be evicted from her position.


On 10272 CE the prime minister of the moon Quirem, Helena Mortana, thought that mining colonies like her own were not getting the right amount of benefits and protection they deserved. Thus, with the Human Alliance of Ambrosia's backing, the group Quarry Unify Invent, or the Q.U.I. was founded.  

After the Human Alliance of Ambrosia's economic disaster, Q.U.I. would see less funds put into it, which in turn caused its member worlds to see less benefits provided by them. This was one of the many causes that led to the founding of the True Alliance of Man.  

During the First Alliance War, and the founding of the True Alliance of Man, worlds that were under Q.U.I.'s benefits that were now under the True Alliance's control were cut off from these aforementioned benefits. This lead to some True Alliance citizens to feel discontent with the new government as these benefits are essential to many worlds that were under its jurisdiction.  

After the Ugnara Wars, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia would be dismantled and become the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems with the joining of the Ugnara Kingdom. The benefits provided by Q.U.I. did not change. In fact, the mining colonies that belonged to the Ugnara Kingdom would also become members.  

After the end of the Second Alliance War, and the True Alliance's joining of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, those worlds that were denied from the benefits were reinstated in the organization.   

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