Qui-Alm (RS 0-8-7489828-669-35-8-16701293-774 A9.6 in is the largest moon of the gas giant Kunttora in the Ckkran-Viglan System of the Rentxo Galaxy.

It holds some indigenous, hydrocarbon-based plant life yet there is no complex animal life, much less a high-tech civilization.


Qui-Alm's surface gravity is 3.71 m/s2.

Its atmosphere consists mostly of nitrogen and hydrocarbon molecules with trace amounts of oxygen. The surface pressure is 0.896 atm at sea levels, and as low as 0.5 atm in highlands.

There are some medium mineral deposits detected by orbital scanners, but these resources are not large enough to warrant wormhole transportation of resources from the Milky Way.


Most life on Qui-Alm consists of an analogue of Earth's plants, using local sunlight and chemical energy to synthesize organic molecules. These organisms can be discovered both under the oceans and on the coasts.

Resource extraction

Occasionally, human miners (mostly those working in the nearby asteroid belt) stops over at Qui-Alm in order to harvest its hydrocarbon for use in metal refining. This practice is strictly regulated and limits have been imposed especially on biological contamination. Humans themselves discovered the system in 9983, the third in its galaxy.

There is a niche demand for biological samples from the moon, mainly from collectors. However, the difficulty in transportation and the relatively low profitability have kept smugglers away.

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