Quintel, with it's moon Leprel in the background.

A planet orbiting a star in a binary system with one moon.


Quintel is a temperate oceania planet with multicellular life orbiting an orange dwarf star in a binary system. (RS 8409-1353-7-1487691-409 in Spaceengine It has thick black rings around the planet. It is in an elliptical orbit. Quintel is about 250 lightyears away from the Sol System.



Highway to heaven

The diameter of Quintel is 9737.808 kilometers. The temperature is -61.605 degrees Celsius. The ESI is 0.855. Quintel is about 7 billion years old. The surface is filled with water. Scientists say that this planet has 30% more water than planet Earth.


The atmosphere of Quintel is very thick, going to 92.285 kilometers high. Sound travels through the atmosphere at 249.46 meters per second. The atmosphere of Quintel mainly consists of oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine. The rings of this planet consist of planetoids and ice. These rings are as big as Saturn's rings.



Quintel and it's rings.

Life on Quintel is very peaceful. Almost every creature/species is a herbivore. The creatures of Quintel feast off of the plants on the seafloor. Fortunately for them, these plants reproduce and grow very quickly, same do the fish. This produces an ecosystemic balance in the food chain. Humans can inhabit this planet very easily. This planet has near perfect living conditions for humans, and the discovery of this planet has made way to find other Earth like planets.

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