Ra'Nia, (Also known as The Protectorate, or simply The Giant by Human communities), is a regular-sized gas giant, which is situated in the mid to outer Sa'Kian system. Ra'Nia is most often known for its constant and diverse color set, which has garnered a large area of photography and tourism. Ra'Nia also possesses a decently sized ring system, which has increased tourism ever more.


The name of Ra'Nia, (Directly translated from Chark'Lish as Foods Giver) is derived from the precursor Chark'Lish rouitine of harvest and feasting. Ra'Nia normally appeared in the northern Lo'Kiran fall season, and as a result made ancient Xa'Thins harvest when it Ra'Nia was up high. This actually worked for many occasions, except for when Ra'Nia itself moved. That would result in late or early harvests, as well as undersupply of foods and goods for the old Xa'Thin villages.

Sky Cities

Like most gas giants, Ra'Nia has a plethora of sky cities, which orbit in the upper atmospheres of Ra'Nia. Large propulsion jets at the bottom and sides prevent gravity and atmospheric drag from pulling them in.

Sky cities are usually surrounded by large domes, with many buildings inside. A few others are simply many buildings as one, with pressurized interiors. However, they all have one thing in common, which is that they have huge viewing bays, meant for looking at the swirling clouds below. In these leisure areas, there are also standard and minute things, like VR, the newest non-VR games, and fun activities that help work visitor's brains.


Moon System

When the first probes were launched towards Ra'Nia, many Xa'Thins were taken back from the interesting moon system that it contained. Two of the five main moons, Ves'Tivuk and Qui'Nap, had thick atmospheres. They also had a form of clouds, and a weather system. Much more excitement for the moons was generated when it was discovered that Ves'Tivuk was a boiling wasteland, thought to be impossible in such deep space, far from Sa'Kia. This reshaped many beliefs at the time about objects in the Sa'Kia system, and potential extra-Sa'Kial worlds.

Minor Moons

Ra'Nia used to have over 80 minor moons, quite a few of which have been lost to mining. Most of the moons were spared as a result of their lack of minerals. Some dwarf moons orbiting Ra'Nia have small tourist destinations, meant for observing Ra'Nia up close.

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