Ra Re (71 Tauri 5) is a cool S-Class world and is the last planet of Adephaga. It has ten captured asteroid moons and one S-Class moon known as shu and the most notable.


Ra Re was Discovered in 2457, making it the last world discovered to orbit Adephaga. This world was studied by the probe that discovered the system but it was found to be typical of its class type, lifeless but interestingly a thin atmosphere. But on the surface however they are radioactive crystals that vary in height to 8 and 10 feet to 30 and 67 feet. Big salt patches that can be seen on the surface. and some small cryovolcanoes and geisers.


The planet formed out of Adephaga's stellar disc more than 150 million years ago. Eventually it became the last planet within the Adephaga System. It's been heavily bombarded by comets and asteroids throughout its history.

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