A view of Raelka from orbit

Raelka was the first planet outside of the Ochi'an / Kari'an binary system to be colonised by the Th'ega. It has a population of 4 billion people, with 1.2 billion living in Ar'ion, the capital of Raelka. Raelka is infamous for its universities and for having produced some of the most influential figures who shaped the Th'ega species for the better. Raelka is a hot oceania in the same globular cluster as Kavla. Like most tidally locked planets, it has a large hurricane on the star-facing side. However, it is smaller than most other hurricanes on tidally locked worlds.


Raelka is a warm oceania with a diameter and mass almost the same as that of Earth. However, it has a crushing atmospheric pressure of 284 atmospheres and a temperature of 91 degrees Celsius (195.8 Fahrenheit). The planet is tidally locked to its star with a semimajor axis of only .35 AU. The planet is much older than Kavla and Earth at around 11 billion years old. This means it formed only 2.8 billion years after the Big Bang, making it of great interest to Th'ega scientists. Raelka has an atmospheric composition of 99.4% CO2, 0.502% SO2. The remaining 0.1% is made up of various gases such as N2, H2O and Ar.


Raelka formed approximately 11.3 billion years ago. After it had formed and cleared all the planets/dwarf planets in its orbit (about 8 billion years ago), it went through of a period of heavy bombardment. Similar to Kavla, the planet flooded when water-rich asteroids collided with the planet. Some have suggested that the asteroids that hit Kavla and Raelka originated from the same star system's equivalent of the Oort Cloud, though this is currently unconfirmed. Unlike Kavla, Raelka's atmosphere already contained CO2 at the time of the bombardment, but Th'ega scientists believe that the asteroids were responsible for the release of SO2 into the atmosphere.

In 198,298 CE, Raelka was first visited by the Th'ega. A manned lander was sent to the surface and returned valuable data about Raelka's seas. The maximum depth recorded was around 40 kilometres and the seas were determined to be made almost entirely of H2O, just like Kavla. Fast forward to 198,352 CE and the first cities were being built on the planet. Practising building on Kavla helped the Th'ega build 14 cities on Raelka is the first 15 years. Just over a decade later, the Federation was born and began building even more cities in the planet's seas. The capital was built in 198,390 CE and was later named Ari'ion.


Raelka recently became the technological hub of the Th'ega Federation, producing almost all electronic components in the small nation. When Mar'en Ukayien and Izel'ae Druyen came to office in 199,999 CE, 140 billion Ikrani (106 billion Chrani) was donated to their home planet's government to improve education standards for everyone. Only a year later, the percentage of the population who continued on to university skyrocketed from 78% to 96%. This has lead to an increase in startups focused, in particular, on technology.

Some of the latest breakthrough technology to come from Raelka includes a new treatment for diseases like cancer, which has increased the amount of people surviving these diseases. Another would be the KW-001a, a prototype wormhole generator. So far, small objects have been transported through these wormholes as far as 100 metres. The Th'ega Federation expects this technology to be ready for spacecraft testing within the next 6 standard months (over 1 Kavlan year).


Since 199,994 CE (6 presidential terms ago), Raelka-born Th'ega have been president. This streak is expected to continue until approximately 200,020 CE, when Ikrael-born Th'ega are theorised to take over. The Federation's current presidents (Mar'en Ukayien and Izel'ae Druyen) are incredibly popular on their home-world, as were most Raelkan presidents. However, some have criticised the presidents for focusing too much on their home-world, and not paying attention to the needs of Ikrael, in particular. One major revolution occured on Ikrael in 199,997 CE and lead to the people of Raelka starting a movement to remove the presidents of the time from office. In total, 3.4 billion (85% of the population) people signed this petition. The presidents were later removed from office and barred from representing their city for another 3 terms. A snap election was called to determine the new presidents, which led to Mar'en Ukayien and Izel'ae Druyen (both representatives of the Raelka Social Party) being elected into office.

With the next election scheduled for mid-200,000 CE, Ukayien and Druyen have began whipping up support. Current predictions suggest they will win with a narrower majority than the last election. This may partly be because of new politicians entering the public eye, all of whom are promising radical change to the Federation. One of these newcomers is Tri'en Izlokavi, who has promised to fund wormhole research in order to colonise other worlds in the Th'ega's native star cluster. Izlokavi has also donated large amounts of money to Ikraeli schools, public services and businesses, which has helped boost his opinion ratings there.

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