The Ralis Scale is a Intelligence Scale In Which Species are ranked in intelligence, separated into sentient and non-sentient species. The Rankings range from A-Z, A Being the lowest and Z being the highest. for example, a Level Z non-sentient species is very close to becoming a A-type Sentient Species. The Ralis scale is mainly used to determine how smart a species is, not how advanced. Currently, Humans rank Between Early-O And Late-O. Just because a species has advanced tech, does not mean they are smart.

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Sreppari: Mid-H to Late-I

Shinja: Mid-I to Late-J

Zyvoori: Late-J to Mid-K

Tar'tha: Mid-K to Early-L

Chukulakans: Mid-K to Early-L

Shevins: Late-K to Early-L

Oneru: Late-K to Mid-L

Polinians: Early-L

Hydrosapiens: Mid-L to Early-M

Krins: Mid-L to Mid-M

Erati: Mid-L

Inkras : Late-L

The Brains: Late-L to Mid-M

Cinesrians: Mid-L to Late-M

Arborami: Early to Late M

Delvans: Late-M to Mid-N

Stepul: Late-L to Early-M

Templars: Late-M

Ski'pec : Mid-M to Early-O

Humans: Early-O to Late-O

Xa'Thins: Early-O to Early-P

Xentraxians: Mid-O to Early-P

Xcathli: Late-Q to Early-R

Void People: Mid Y-Late Z

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