Ratyi is a D-Class planet located in the Kodahk System in the O'odham Space Sector. It is the parent of the Milky Way-side of the Kodahk-Pacuan Wormhole linking the galaxy to Rentxo's Pacuan system. With over 100 million humans, it is the most populated world in the sector.


Human settlements on Ratyi was established by refugees escaping the battles of the First Galactic War. The high iron content discovered by the colonists in Ratyi's soils supplied significant amount of raw materials required for the colony's construction projects. Cut off from the galactic civilization, the human inhabitants lived relatively modest lives, sustaining themselves with biodome agriculture and some of the local fauna.

Contact with this refugee planet was not established until the 95th century. Despite the 300-year isolation, the culture of the Ratyians is strikingly similar to that of their initial home planet. Merchants, miners, and traders began operating around the planet after contact was re-established, enabling the Ratyians to catch up with the rest of the galaxy.

After the Second Galactic War, one of the largest civilian construction project in history, the Kodahk-Pacuan Wormhole, began on one of the planet's asteroid moons, which was converted into said wormhole (to the complaint of the locals, who felt that nighttime with one less moon felt weird).

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