Regsin (RS 8476-3616-7-1597836-575 4) is a major human colony in the Milky Way galaxy.


Regsin was deemed a potential human colony world until 10015 when it became colonised.


Regsin was discovered in 10015 by the Confederacy of Humanity which became colonised in the same year. It is a temperate E-Class planet located 51 thousand light years from Earth. In the following years, it served as a major colony world in the Confederacy during the horrors of the Third Galactic War.


Regsin's climate is unstable at around a 43 degree axial tilt, causing more chaotic weather, including strong tropical storms. Life has adapted to these weather patterns for the last three billion years. With no moons to stablize the axial tilt, Regsin wobbles almost unpredictably through thousands of years.


One of the most major colony worlds in the Confederacy as of the year 100000. Within the first ten years of colonisation, the first two major cities were developed and constructed, naming them both Dusenall and Unerri. They still remain the two biggest cities on the planet. During the planet's first world war, the two capitol cities were targets of a bombing compaign that lasted for two years. 

When the Third Galactic War was declared, the world began a global evacuation, sending most of the global population drifiting in escape pods through interstellar space, some even went intergalactic, never to be heard from again. 

Once the war ended after two centuries, the population began to rise again and stablised at around 2 billion. The planet recovered in eight years, with buildings repaired and a population boom, as soldiers and families were reunited.


The Magellanic Clouds as seen at sunset with a few stars giving off a spectacular night show.

The two capitol cities, Dusenall and Unerri, also recovered from the horrors of the war. New mayors and prime ministers were elected as the planet seeked a brighter and foreseeable future.

The country sides are now the only areas couples and indiviuals can enjoy a peaceful night-out, gazing upon a starry night-sky with the Magellanic Clouds appearing large overhead in each hemisphere.

Six new major cities were seeded across the world and developed their own indiviual governments, societies and buildings. The new cities were named Drunaf, Kusanov, Lonovic, Hieklen, Baklin and Carakiln. These cities, along with Dusenall and Unerri, formed countries that adopted new laws on immigration, trade and business.

The cities Hieklin and Lonovic were farming cities, able to farm the various alien crops and breed the creatures. They eventually became less than five per cent filled with light pollution, which soon allowed for the first powerful, ground-based telescopes and reiginited the interest in astronomy and science.

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