Reine Anedora, also known as Queen Anedora or Queen Anedora II, was the Queen of the Valinorian Order for twenty years.

She is the daughter of Queen Anedora I and King Tenda III. 

Reine Anedora
Vital statistics
Position Queen of the Valinorian Order
Age 164 (at death)
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 3'9 (114 cm)
Weight 93 pounds


Reine grew up on the destroyed planet of Gioka and had experienced the horrors of a galactic war for the next thirty two years. She luckily escaped being prisoned in concentration outposts and even execution. At the age of seven, she was seperated from her family for a year and had to survive on her own until her mother discovered her, hiding in a graveyard. Witnessing the horrors of the war had made her furious and thirsty for a bloody revenge she would commit in a few decades.

Her parents had enlisted a tutor to teach her at the age of thirteen. The family had soon moved into a private planetary home, away from the horrors of the war. During this time, she made her first friends at fourteen years old, some of them became her boyfriends and eventually one of them became her life-long husband.

At the age of thirty one, she suffered a tragic injury; losing her left elbow and hand. Rushed to medical services within ten minutes, she soon took control of a new robotic arm and hand. A year later, her face was mauled by vicious soil worms on a desert planet. Again, rushed to medical services and recieved a new robotic face, changing her voice - now more deep and machinery - and, ultimately, half of her face was machine.

She founded the Valinorian Order in 9284 after the defeat at the end of the First Galactic War, a war she had horrifically witnessed. Up to a hundred Giokans had joined her cause and vowed to destroy any civilisation in the Univese.


The news of her suffering from malfunctions in the hand and the other of her face was announced a year before her death in 9416. Several malfunctions were recorded every month, up to almost a hundred in a year. After her arm ceased to work, her mechanical half-face also stopped working. Her last words were heard by her husband who stood by her side at her death. 

She was cremated a week later and her ashes were put on to a space craft that would propell itself into space ten times faster than the speed of light (three billion meters a second).


Queen Anedora may seem like a beautiful, friendly female Giokan but deep inside, her beliefs are far darker and terrifying. Upon the founding of the Valinorian Order in 9284, her beliefs were spread across the entire population.


As mentioned before, she may seem friendly and pretty but her beliefs are far more nightmare-ish. Her beliefs were soon plans for the first terrorist attacks on the Confederacy of Humanity. Her beliefs were law-breaking; if a civilisation fails to surrender, hybrids will be produced to destroy them. She was one of the first Giokans to properly mate with another alien to produce one of the first Giokan hybrids.

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