Rentxo Galaxy as seen from Triton's Supertelescope.

The Rentxo Galaxy (RG 0-8-7489828-669 in is a barbed spiral (SBb) galaxy which center is located about 13 million light-years away from Milky Way. It is barely explored, with less than 50 systems being visited by humans and with only 4 permanently human-inhabited colonies (1 of them asteroid based). Its diameter is approximately 38,100 light-years and it contains about 7.9 billion stars.


Rentxo has been observed since before the First Age by human space- and ground-based telescopes. It was not until after the invention of the Wormhole, however, that humans were able to explore the galaxy. The first human cruisers to arrive in the vicinity exited the wormhole in the middle rim section of the galaxy, and the first life discovered was the exotic lifeforms on Qui-Alm.


Galactic backdrop of Rentxo, seen from the first human colonies on Nova Rexina

The energy requirement for the wormhole drive to send pioneers to Rentxo is far higher compared to that of Andromeda or the Magellanic Clouds; this has limited the access to this galaxy to a single entry point in the Pacuan system (from the Milky Way's Kodahk), known as the Kodahk-Pacuan Wormhole. The entire human population within this galaxy is estimated at less than 500,000 as of 9998.

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