The Republic of Rixxes is a government formed in 9081 by the Ceetia to control and govern the Rixxes galaxy.


Ceetian technology had progressed to a fantastic level to the point where colonies could be setup rapidly across the galaxy in quicker periods of time. They thought during the galactic colonisation that a group or civilisation could turn against them and attempt to destroy the colonies. After months of debate, they decided it was best to organise a government to control and give law to the galaxy. Senators from across the galaxy thought the government would fail and a rebellion would strike against the weak organisation. Without any thought, the Republic was formed but only included the Ceetia.

In the following months, several other civilisations tried to form their own republics/confederacies but those failed and the Ceetian's Republic was the only one succeeding. A small rebellion formed in the first five months of the Republic and already threatened to destroy them, however, the rebels were destroyed.

The Republic began to grow in strength with a far bigger millitary, population and economy. With a greater number of funds in their bank, they could afford entire fleets of starships in case war breaks out.

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