Resplendent in 3058


Resplendent (RS 8409-1792-7-1180959-108 4 in 9.7.2) is a temperate E-Class world and a Human colony 380 light years from the Sol System. It has one moon, Mojave. It is mostly known for its extreme seasonal cycle (due to its 83° axial tilt), conservation efforts, and peaceful culture.


Resplendent was discovered in 3056 by a scout probe sent from Earth. It was quickly recognized as a prime candidate for colonization, and the first colony ship arrived in 3058. Over 100,000 people emigrated from Earth to Resplendent until 4013, when the local government enacted laws to prevent further colonization and overpopulation. Due to this (and other careful planning), humans have had little impact on the planet's ecology. As of 200000, the population is 5.4 billion. Nearly all of these are descendants from the first colonists, or colonists from other systems. Old propositions have been made to allow more immigration to the planet, in order to improve the economy. This also caused a population boost.

Resplendent lake

Orthal Lake is one of many popular tourist destinations on Resplendent

Tourism is the main source of income for most of the planet. There are many resorts located throughout the planet, mostly on the shores of the planet's many large lakes. These are popular during the spring and fall seasons when the day-night cycle is most similar to Earth's. People commonly visit the planet to view its spectacular eclipses, which are frequent and cover a large part of the planet thanks to the close proximity of its moon Mojave. Tourism is the main source of income for most of the planet.

The human population is mostly confined to a handful of city-states which were established by the original colonists on the shores of the lakes. The government is a representative democracy, with each city electing officials to participate in a planet-wide Congress, whose members then elects a President. Similar elections are held locally to decide city mayors. Resplendents are proud of the fact that there have never been any wars fought on their planet.

Resplendent eclipse

Resplendent eclipsed by its moon Mojave


Although it is technically classified as a temperate terra, Resplendent is very cool compared to Earth. Its average planetary temperature ranges from 4 °C to -9 °C throughout the year. It has a light, breathable atmosphere at 0.56 atm, and a standard 1.0 g's of gravity.

With an axial tilt of 83°, the planet undergoes day-night cycles similar to the Arctic regions of Earth. The summer is one continuous day, and the winter one continuous night, with regular days and nights during the spring and fall. Mojave and Resplendent are tidally locked to each other with a period of exactly 24 hours, so the days and nights are very comfortable during those months.



Resplendent from the surface of Mojave

A variety of flora and fauna are native to Resplendent. The planet is well-known for its large coniferous forests which cover large portions of the planet. Much like coniferous trees on Earth, these have evolved to cope with extremely long nights during the winters. Many of these trees are older than anything else on Earth.

Animals native to Resplendent resemble terrestrial mammals. They are usually covered in large amounts of hair or fur and hibernate during the long winter nights. However, during the summer days, they shed most of their fur to prevent overheating in the sun. Most animals are quite lethargic by Earth standards, due to their slow metabolisms.

One notable animal is the Umlu: tiny, spherical, furry creatures with long hair. They are easy to care for and have been bred to reduce shedding. Because of this, they have become very popular pets for humans on all worlds.

Resplendent surface diff

Surface map of Resplendent

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